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offers help and training in all aspects of the Theory and Hazard Perception Test.

Theory Test
The theory test is computer-based.

You have 57 minutes to complete the test. There is a 15 minutes practice session you can work through before starting the test

There are 50 multiple choice questions and you need to get at least 43 correct to pass this part. Some of the questions are asked in a case study format.

The theory test case study will take the form of a scenario, or short story, on which five multiple choice questions will be based. Candidates will answer the questions in the normal way by clicking on the mouse.

Watch the DSA video now

Hazard Perception Test
This forms the second part of the theory test and must be passed at the same time

There are 14 video clips each about a minute long

The videos feature various types of hazard such as road conditions, vehicles and pedestrians

The earlier you spot a hazard developing that may require the driver to take some action the higher the score

There are 15 scoreable hazards in the test and candidates can score up to 5 points on each hazard

The pass mark is 44 out of 75

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